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aangeboden: blazer masterpiece 8550

1x gebruikt wegens te veel in huis…
gratis opgespoeld met matrix gevlochten draad.
met reservespoel.

• 8 precision stainless steel ball bearings plus 1 needle bearing (extra large)
• chrome-plated brass worm shaft gear for a super long strike and crosswise line lay: ideal for braided line
• lazy rotor system: fixes the rotor when the bail folds
• rotor controller system: prevents the line from getting caught in the rotor
• rubber-buffered and spring-loaded safety line clip
• total-tolerance control system (t.t.c.): all tolerances in the crank
gear and drag are reduced to a minimum
• quick-stop-system (q.s.s.) for stopping rotor instantaneously
• strong-bail-concept bail made of strong lightweight aluminium
• bail-fix-system no unwanted bail backlash during casting
• extra strong stainless steel main axle
• anti-swing system (a.s.s.) prevents inadvertent vibrations
• finely adjustable front drag (s.d.s) with extra large brake discs
• cnc mill-cut aluminium power crank
• anti-twist line roller

prijs(euro): 80

naam: johan lenaerts




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