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A.Jensen Anadrom Double Handed Vliegenhengels

Dit is de ultieme hengel voor de steelhead en de zalm! Met deze super-hengel bedwing je iedere krachtpatser. De A.Jensen Anadrom is een ''top-segment'' dubbelhandige hengel die op alle fronten super presteert.

We hebben nog maar een paar exemplaren in de aanbieding dus sla je slag!

The Anadrom rods was initially designed for Steelhead fishing, but already with the first test models we knew we had a very good double hander that handles both Skagit, Scandinavian and classic Spey type casting with an impressive ease.

The result is a beautiful well balanced tool that performs like a natural extension of your body.

The action is medium, and it goes down deep in the blank which gives you superb line control. We have added extra power in the lower part of the blank for use when the trophy fish is battled and when you really need some power for long casting.

We have made the top faster than the butt, for superb casting performance, but also for adding a more crisp action when lifting the line off the water – something you feel instantly.

We have designed the Anadrom rods using Advanced Helical Taper, which assures the rod is a great fishing tool. Line control is what casting with a double hander is all about and the AHT technology will help both the novice to easier casting and the expert to master special casts with much more ease. Simply said it is a joy to fish, cast and play fish on.

The blank is beautiful deep Brown Olive blank, with matching Brown Olive thread tipped with Gold trimmings. SIC shooting guides and high quality. Hard Chrome double leg Snakes and top guides. Oversized quality guides for maximized line travel when casting long lines.

All Anadrom rods are 5 pcs. for easy travel.


45 Tons graphite
Advanced Helical Taper technology
Top quality Portuguese cork handles in Scandinavian style
SIC Stripping guides
Beautiful skeleton reel seat in Aluminium and Hard wood
Super Hard Chrome Double leg snakes and top guides
Dots for correct and easy assembling of rod parts
Lifetime warranty (rod registration needed)
5 pcs. for easy travel
Supplied in Cordura rod tube



Length AFTM Rec. Shooting head weight Pcs. Weight Handle

12’3” 7/8 26-28 g. 5 195 g Scandinavian style

13’ 8/9 28-30 g. 5 225 g Scandinavian style

prijs(euro): 500





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