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A.Jensen Spook Stalker-Da Vinci Reel Combokit

De geweldige Spook Stalker aftma #6 in combinatie met de Da Vinci Reel 5/7. De perfecte set voor de zeeforel, grote forel op de reservoirs of bijvoorbeeld bonefish in de tropen.

Nu tijdelijk met gratis A.Jensen Vector Coastal Vliegenlijn!

Met deze set heb je supermateriaal voor de rest van je vliegvisleven!

-A.Jensen Spook Stalker #6 9ft Flyrod  500 euro

-A.Jensen Da Vinci Reel  5-7  485 euro 

-A.Jensen Vector Coastal Flyline 74,50 euro (GRATIS)

Totaal                        1059,50 euro

Combokit                 NU voor 795 euro!


En als je nou denkt het lijkt me geweldig, maar ik wil de set toch eerst zien. Dan kan dat ook, dan kun je een afspraak met me maken. Laat de hengel en reel je overtuigen! Kijk even bij Uitproberen.

The Spook Stalker

The new Spook Stalker from A.Jensen is built to meet the standards of the modern saltwater fisherman. We asked a bunch of people from Striper guides in the North East of USA to flats guides in the South East of USA, what they needed in a perfect saltwater rod for inshore fishing. The Spook Stalker “grew out of their heads” and experience.

We designed the rod to be matt black all over, even the guides, to avoid flare and spooking shy fish in skinny water. On top of that we used our SBD (Slim Blank Design) to create a very slim rod that cuts through the wind like a knife, something all still water fishermen appreciate when trying to achieve long casting in windy conditions.

We have used the highest obtainable quality fittings, and adjusted every detail based on testing in waters around in Europe and North America.

The SPOOK STALKER is a very slim and extremely light rod, with a huge amount of power, yet very delicate and sensitive. Try and lift and shake the 10 weight – I’m sure you will be amazed by the lightness, and you will for sure be sceptic if it really is a 10 weight, as it feels more like a 7 or 8. Come by one of our dealers and try it with a line on – let the rod convince you, not us!!!!

The SBD (slim blank design) and AHT (advanced helical technology) assures a fast rod with great casting potential on both short and long distance, and a phenomenal low weight.

The Spook Stalker rod won the Runner up award at the “best new product competition” at the international EFTTEX show 2014.


45 Tons graphite
SBD (Slim Blank Design)
Advanced Helical Taper technology
Top quality Portuguese cork handles
Pacific Bay SIC Stripping guides
Beautiful reel seat in airspace graded aluminium
Super Hard Chrome double leg snakes and top guides in matt black
Dots for correct and easy assembling of rod parts
Lifetime warranty (rod registration needed)
Supplied in Cordura rod tube


All A.Jensen fly rods are covered by a 2 year warranty.

This covers defects due to craftmanship or materials.

If the rod is damaged, please send the rod and the original receipt (received when you buy the rod) to your dealer.

If the damage is covered by the warranty, the rod will be repaired or replaced.

After 2 years, or in case of the damage is not caused by defect due to craftmanship or materials, each part will be charged at a price equal to the recommended retail price divided by the amount of part. Meaning a part from a 4 piece rod cost ¼ of the recommended retail price of that rod.

Important: The warranty only applies to the original owner and the owner must be able to present the original receipt of the purchase. Resold rods are not covered by this warranty.

Da Vinci Reel

A long time were spent thinking, drawing and testing, and using the better part of a year building this reel until we were satisfied. The brake of Da Vinci is fully sealed, air and water tight. It is based on the use of multi carbon discs, and it can stop virtually anything you could imagine throwing a fly at.

It has been tested on several of the monsters of the sea, but also Danish seatrout and Stripers in the US. It has been heavily tested on some steroid Tunas, Steelhead, atlantic salmon, Tarpon, Giant Trevally, Bonefish and lately on marlin too. The reels always came out on top.

The reel is a bit different in design, therefore it felt natural the name had to be a tribute to an unusual man – Leonardo da Vinci – a man with thoughts centuries ahead of his time…

The Power and smoothness of the brake is the core, the brake knob is as easy to adjust as it can possibly get, covering the full side of the reel housing it is easily adjusted using the flat of the palm, even during the initial rush of some of the bluewater giants. The brake adjustment design also effectively eliminates problems with line tangles.

The reel is CNC cut from aircraft grade aluminium; the frame is cut and designed with one thing in mind – strength.

The da Vinci is simply put built for the outmost performance. We never looked at cheap or easy solutions, we built it as we wanted it.

The brake is a fully closed Carbon multi disc system, build just like a brake of a modern racing car or even a Jet. The da Vinci has an extra feature. We have built high air pressure in the brake house. This ensures that it is impossible for water or sand to enter the brake. Once you have set the reel to left or right hand retrieve you never need to enter the brake again, as it will last your lifetime, and probably your heirs too.

The reel foot stands on an oval base, so that your leader will not be damaged if pull it around the reel foot during transport.

The spool is fixated to the house on an octagon for maximum stability and strength.

The surface of the all parts of this reel is made so that it is maximum saltwater resistant, which is why we use stainless steel parts, and the coloring of the reel is of highest saltwater resistance.

At the international EFTTEX show 2012 held in France, the da Vinci reel was awarded first price as the best fly reel. Take it in your hand and you immediately understand why.


Precision CNC cut from High Grade 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
large arbor
Unique brake knob design
Fully closed and sealed Multi disc brake made of carbon fiber.
Brake house has higher air pressure to prevent water and sand to enter.
Possible to change from right hand to left hand retrieve
Closed house design for extra strength and stability
Saltwater resistant
”Leader friendly” reel foot

Size                    Weight              Spool Dia/width/Depth

# 5/7                   198 g                 88/26/15  mm

prijs(euro): 795





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