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Wychwood Quest Travel Flyrods (6pcs)

Wychwood maakt superkwaliteit hengels. Dus ook de meerdelige reishengels zijn met precisie en zorg ontwikkeld. Dit is materiaal waar je van op aan kunt tijdens die mooie trip.

Quest V2 fly rods: Een serie 6-delige reishengels. Deze hengels hebben een topkwaliteit AAAA kurk grip, donkere slangenogen, non-glare lak, en een geanodiseerde zoutwater bestendige reelhouder. De blanks zijn dun, redelijk licht, hebben een uitstekende snelle mid-tip actie en geweldige werp- en dril eigenschappen. Leverbaar in diverse lengtes in AFTMA 4 - 8. Topkwaliteit reishengels en inclusief koker met 6-vaksverdeling! Great Value, Great Fishing!

The Wychwood Quest V2 Fly Rod is a six piece, travel fly rod with a wide range to suit all fishing applications. Whether you are taking a trip to your favourite fishery or off on an adventure across seas, the Quest V2 is an excellent travel companion that can be used any time and anywhere.

The Quest V2 range includes the most popular lengths and line ratings for fly fishing and includes a model to suit everyday fishing as well as destination fishing. Each rod is built from a compact, lightweight and easy-to-transport 6 piece construction, built from multi-modulus carbon for exceptional strength and durability. Located on each rod is pin point section labelling, little white dots located on each section so you can line up your rod sections correctly and quickly without the need to manually align the rod eyes.

The dual anodised saltwater proof reel seat is highly durable and features Wychwood detail throughout. The dark chrome guides and black high lift snake guides add some serious style to this rod, as well as allowing your line to pass through smoothly and easily. The handle features premium grade cork for a superior hold and comfort and includes a hook keeper ring as well.

The aesthetics of this rod are truly stunning, decorated with subdued black whippings with silver highlights and is finished off with a high quality, deep black colour. The Quest V2 is supplied with it’s own compact cordura, sectioned, carry case with a leather ID cap.

The 8ft6 #4, 9ft #5 and 9ft #6 models all have reverse half wells handles. The 9ft #8, the 9ft6 #7 and the 10ft #7 models have a full wells handle.

The Wychwood Quest V2 Fly Rod is available in a range of lengths and AFTM ratings to suit a range of fishing applications. You can select your choice of model from our drop down menu.

Compact, lightweight 6 pc construction
Multi-modulus carbon
Premium grade cork handle
Dual anodised saltwater proof reel seat with Wychwood detail
Deep black High finish
Subdued black whippings with silver highlights
Dark chrome guides and black high lift snakes
Pin Point section labelling and eyesights
Compact cordura, sectioned, carry case with leather ID cap

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