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A.Jensen Viper vliegenhengel

The A.Jensen Viper Fly Rod

Deze hengels zijn bedoeld voor de monsters! Uiteraard voor de snoek, maar gemaakt met andere rovers in het achterhoofd zoals: Baramundi, Dorado en Peacock Bass. The A. Jensen Viper is de ultieme snoekhengel en juist door zijn relatief korte lengte is deze hengel super snel en super strak. Daardoor werpt de hengel zeer grote snoekstreamers/vliegen met groot gemak. En zeker als je de Viper combineert met de onovertroffen A.Jensen Big Fly II vliegenlijnen weet je niet wat je meemaakt....

Dit is het summum voor de serieuze snoekvisser!

NB: een iets kortere hengel heeft behalve hogere lijnsnelheid nog een voordeel: het is zoveel handiger in de bellyboat...

A.Jensen says:

The Viper rods are made especially for handling big powerful fish like pike, musky, carp and saltwater species.

These rods are build to meet the needs from especially pike fishermen. The needs are to cast big and bulky flies as easy as possible, and to have a lot of power in the bottom of the rod to battle the big ones. At the same time the rod should be as light as possible, as tossing big flies all day can be hard work.

The outcome is the new Viper series.

These fast action rods are build with AHT (Advanced Helical Taper) and SBD (Slim Blank Design) and by using these technologies you get just what you need. Keeping the rods at 8'' will increase the power of the rod, and at the same time lower the weight. Try it and you will immediately see why so many saltwater and pike fishermen are turning to the 8'' rods....

The Viper rods are all 4 pcs and build with the best fittings on the market, like titanium guides from American Tackle and the best 4 AAAA top quality Portuguese cork as handle.

The blank is made with 40 ton high pressure unidirectional carbon fibers. The color is dark grey with matching windings tipped with a thin metallich green thread.

The handle is a little special, as we have included 2 sections of rubber cork in the handle at points where you put most pressure while casting. This is to support the grip aand you hand the best possible way.

The Viper has a detachable foam fighting handle, that you can add to the rod if needed during fighting big fish, and just take off while casting and fishing. A feature known from saltwater fishing, and a great help when that dream Pike or Musky or Peacock Bass some day finds it way to your fly.

The rods are made to fit like "hand in glove" with the Big Fly II flylines


40 Tons graphite
SBD (Slim Blank Design)
AHT - Advanced Helical Taper technology
Top quality 4 AAAA Portuguese cork handles
Special rubbercork section in handle for high performance grip
Detachable foam fighting handle
American Tackle Company Titanium Stripping guides
Saltwater resistant reel seat
Super Hard Chrome double leg snakes and top guides
Dots for correct and easy assembling of rod parts
Supplied in Cordura rod tube
Length    AFTM    Weight    Pcs.    Handle
8''    8         4    Full Wells + 3 cm Fighting Butt
8''    9         4    Full Wells + 3 cm Fighting Butt
8''    10         4    Full Wells + 3 cm Fighting Butt


All A.Jensen fly rods are covered by a 2 year warranty.

This covers defects due to craftmanship or materials.

If the rod is damaged, please send the rod and the original receipt (received when you buy the rod) to your dealer.

If the damage is covered by the warranty, the rod will be repaired or replaced.

After 2 years, or in case of the damage is not caused by defect due to craftmanship or materials, each part will be charged at a price equal to the recommended retail price divided by the amount of part. Meaning a part from a 4 piece rod cost ¼ of the recommended retail price of that rod.

Important: The warranty only applies to the original owner and the owner must be able to present the original receipt of the purchase. Resold rods are not covered by this warranty.

prijs(euro): 270





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